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Who is Harry Isaac Presley?

 A Tribute to the Elvis Tribute Artist.

On the day that Eric Maidment left the village he had enjoyed so much for 33 years, a marvellous thing happened to Harry Isaac Presley.

Overnight, he became Little Bealings' 8th most popular Elvis Tribute Artist.

Since 2005, Harry has been entertaining literally tens of people around Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and once in Cornwall. Initially travelling alone with a case of backing tapes... Yes, tapes, in 2009 he moved onto backing CD's.

The Operation are his hand-picked band designed to remove the chances of the CD skipping or repeating the same song three times consecutively - a misfortune that slightly marred his last minute performance at the 2013 Heveningham Hall Fireworks night.

The Office of National Statistics predict that by 2030, one in four people will be an Elvis Tribute Artist. This remains the only reason he keeps the members of his band at just seven.

Among his careering highlights have been supporting the Fun Lovin Criminals at Halesworth's gig in the park in 2012 (10 hours earlier and on a different stage) - Appearing on the same bill as X-Factor winner and successful plasterer, Matt Cardle in Felixstowe in 2011 - In 2013 they headlined on the Saturday at V-Fest........ Not THAT one. V was for Vinny, and he had a BBQ and some music in his garden near Ashbocking.

Harry remains true to some of the King's classic behaviour. He regularly forgets words, can't play guitar brilliantly and finishes EVERY song with a fictitious martial art move.

Thank you very much.  

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